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DPA cannot connect to the Amazon Metering Service

Updated August 1, 2017


The Amazon Marketplace Metering Service is required for reporting and accounting DPA usage in an Amazon EC2 instance. DPA can handle short periods of unavailability, but if the service is unavailable for more than 12 hours, DPA turns off all monitors and data collection stops. If this occurs, you must restart DPA after the connection problem has been fixed.


  • DPA 11.1 and later in an Amazon EC2 instance, when the AMI (Amazon Machine Image) is taken from Amazon Marketplace and running in subscription licensing mode


The issue occurrs when DPA cannot connect to Amazon AWS Marketplace Metering service. The root problem could be a network issue (such a firewall or domain name resolution service problem), or it could be a problem in the Amazon Marketplace Metering Service itself.


Open a command prompt and use the ping command to check the availability of the Amazon Marketplace Metering Service. The service endpoint address depends on the region of the EC2 instance where DPA is running. It has the following format:


For example, for region us-east-1, the ping command is:


Run the ping command in the EC2 instance where DPA is running. If it returns an error message, the problem is likely a network issue. To verify, run the ping command from your local computer. If the ping command works from your computer but does not work from the EC2 instance, it is an EC2 instance network issue. 


You can try to resolve the network issue by removing any changes you made in the EC2 instance, or you can revert the EC2 instance to a previous state using a snapshot of the EC2 instance made at a time when the connection worked. 


After the network issue is fixed (the Amazon Marketplace Metering Service endpoint is answering to ping requests), restart DPA to restore monitoring.



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