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Register multiple database instances

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Created by Melanie Boyd, last modified by Melanie Boyd on Sep 29, 2016

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If you are monitoring a large number of database instances, use DPA's mass registration feature to quickly register multiple databases. You will enter registration information for all instances into a predefined template.

You can also use a wizard to register a single database instance.

  1. From the DPA home screen, click Options.
  2. In the Database Instances column, click Mass Registration.
  3. On the Load Registration File panel, select the database type.
  4. You must edit a predefined template to add registration information for each database instance. Specify whether you want to edit the template on the DPA server or download it to your local computer.


    Based on your selections, instructions are displayed in the lower-right corner.

  5. Follow the onscreen instructions for editing and saving the file.

    If you selected From DPA server, the file must be saved in the following location:


    Depending on the database type, it must have one of the following file names:

    • massreg_mysql_template.csv
    • massreg_oracle_template.csv
    • massreg_sql_server_template.csv
  6. Click Load Registration File.

If you register the database instance within the 14-day trial period, DPA begins monitoring the instances immediately. After the trial period, you must allocate a license to monitor the database instances.

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