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Systems Monitoring for Dummies
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How do I get started with DPA?

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Created by Melanie Boyd, last modified by Melanie Boyd on Sep 22, 2017

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Welcome to the Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) Getting Started Guide.

To learn about performance monitoring with DPA, we recommend that you complete the following tasks:


Install DPA and create the database repository.

See the DPA Installation Guide for system requirements, planning checklists, gotchas, and installation instructions.

To upgrade an existing installation, see the DPA Upgrade Guide.


Register database instances.

Learn what types of database instances DPA can monitor, and then register the instances you want to monitor.


Allocate a license to each instance.

Learn about license types. Then activate and allocate licenses.


Set up user accounts.

Set up user accounts to allow other users to access DPA, and assign each user's privileges.


Investigate performance issues.

Learn about the DPA approach to monitoring. Then walk-through an example of investigating an application performance issue, and learn to identify blocking sessions and deadlocks.


Set up alerts to monitor database performance.

Enable predefined alerts and walk through an example of creating a custom alert. Create alert groups to simplify alert configuration.


Use reports to track the results of your tuning.

Create reports, report groups, and schedules.

checkbox.gif Integrate DPA with the Orion Platform.

Understand the benefits of integration, and view the results of integrating with SolarWinds SAM and SolarWinds SRM.

Existing customers: Access your licensed software from the SolarWinds Customer Portal. If you need any implementation help, contact our Support Reps.

Evaluators: Download your free 14-day evaluation from If you need assistance with your evaluation, contact

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