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Upgrade DPA on an Amazon Machine Image instance

If you're using DPA in Amazon Web Services (AWS) with subscription licensing, complete the following steps to upgrade to the latest version.

  1. Review the upgrade checklist and prepare your environment.
  2. Open a remote connection (SSH) and log in to your SolarWinds DPA instance in Amazon EC2.
  3. Download the most recent version of SolarWinds DPA. The link is provided in the new version notification banner.
  4. Enter the following command to turn off the scheduled job that restarts DPA if it stops:
    crontab -r
  5. Install the new version in a new directory on your existing server.
  6. Run ./ from the old installation directory.
  7. Locate the directory that was created when you installed the new version:

    /home/dpa_x_x_xxx = old installation home

    /home/dpa_12_x_xxx = new SolarWinds DPA home

  8. Copy or move these directories from the old installation to the new:


    Do not copy any hotfix files.

    For example:

    mv OLD_home/iwc/tomcat/ignite_config/* NEW_home/iwc/tomcat/ignite_config/


    cp -rp OLD_home/iwc/tomcat/ignite_config NEW_home/iwc/tomcat/ignite_config

  9. If you changed the default SolarWinds DPA ports, then you must modify the server.xml file in the new installation to incorporate the port changes from your earlier installation.
  10. Run ./ from the new directory.
  11. Turn the cron job back on:
    1. Open crontab in edit mode:
      crontab -e
    2. Add the following line:


      For example:

       * * * * * /home/ec2-user/dpa_12_0_3074/ > /home/ec2-user/dpa_12_0_3074/startup.log 2>&1

    3. Save your changes.

Resize to a larger Amazon AWS instance type

The t2.medium Amazon EC2 instance type is sufficient for monitoring up to 20 database instances. Resize your AWS instance type as your monitoring needs grow.

For more information, search "Resizing Your Instance" at

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