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Diagnose current performance issues

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Created by Anthony.Rinaldi, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi on Sep 15, 2016

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When a problem is occurring, you must be able to diagnose it immediately.

  1. Locate the Instances with Highest Wait Time resource on the home screen.
  2. For today's date, click the bar that represents the instance with the highest wait time.
  3. Click the Current view to examine response time and resources from the past hour.


  4. Click an interval, such as 9:50AM above, to drill down into the top SQL queries and performance for smaller time increments.
  5. Click the Timeslice tab to see a per-minute breakdown of the response time and resource data.
  6. Examine the response time charts, and scroll down to the Resources section to identify a possible correlation.
  7. Record current queries and wait events that show performance problems in the DPA worksheet.
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