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Automatic grouping of Oracle CDBs

Created by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret on Sep 15, 2016

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SolarWinds DPA 10.1 and later automatically groups Oracle multitenant container databases (CDB) containing pluggable databases (PDB).

Newly registered PDB instances are automatically grouped by the corresponding CDB. If a DBA moves a PDB to a new CDB, SolarWinds DPA processes and groups the instance.

SolarWinds DPA creates a group for a CDB when you monitor two or more PDBs in the CDB. This group is used for all registered PDBs from the CDB.

Turn off automatic grouping of Oracle CDBs

  1. Click Options > Administration > Advanced Options.
  2. Click the ORACLE_CDB_AUTO_GROUP system option.
  3. Select False from the New Value list, and click Update.

After you set this option to false, grouping of registered database instances does not change. Only newly registered or updated database instances are affected, and are not grouped.

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14:09, 15 Sep 2016