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Register an Amazon RDS for SQL Server database

Created by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret on Sep 15, 2016

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To register an Amazon RDS for SQL Server database for DPA to monitor:

  1. On the DPA home page, click Register DB Instance for Monitoring.
  2. Under Amazon RDS, click Amazon RDS for SQL Server.
  3. Click Next.

Enter connection information

Enter the server name or IP address and port. The default port is 1433.

SolarWinds DPA will monitor all databases within the instance. If more than one instance exists on the server, you must register each instance separately in DPA.

Enter an Amazon RDS master user for SolarWinds DPA to register the database instance.

SSL is requested by default. If the server does not support SSL, a plain connection is used.

Enter the monitoring user

SolarWinds DPA gathers information through this user from the monitored instance.

You can create a monitoring user through DPA, or use an existing user.

Allow DPA to create the user

SolarWinds recommends this method because SolarWinds DPA requires special permissions that existing users may not have.

  1. Next to Create Monitoring User, click Yes.
  2. Select the Authentication method, and enter the user name and password.

Create the user manually

  1. Next to Create Monitoring User, click No.
  2. Enter the user name and password.

Authentication methods

SQL Server authentication

Do not specify a domain in the User Name field. Only the user name is required.

Windows authentication

Enter an existing Windows user. DPA cannot create a new Windows user for you. If you want to use a new Windows authentication user, you must first create it in your network domain.

Use the syntax DOMAIN\username in the User Name field.

You can also authenticate using a Windows Computer Account.

Oracle repository tablespace

If your repository database is not Oracle, the wizard skips this step.

Choose the tablespace in the repository database to store DPA performance data for this monitored instance.

By default, the performance data is stored in the default tablespace of the repository user. However, data for monitored instances can be stored in separate tablespaces.

Select the Alert Groups

If you have no Alert Groups set up, or if this new database instance does not match the database type of the Alert Group, the wizard skips this step.

Alert Groups simplify alert configuration and help make alerting more consistent across the monitored database instances.

Select the Alert Groups you want the new database instance to join.


  1. Confirm the registration information, and click Register Database Instance.
  2. Click Finish to go to the DPA home page, or click Register Another Database Instance to continue registering.
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