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Create a SQL Server repository database

Created by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret on Sep 15, 2016

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After you install DPA and open it for the first time, you must create a repository database.

To use a SQL Server instance as the repository database:

  1. On the Select Repository Database Instance Type page, click Microsoft SQL Server.
  2. Click Next.

Enter connection information

SolarWinds DPA requires a SYSADMIN user to create the repository.

The SYSADMIN user is not used or stored after you complete the Repository Creation Wizard.

SolarWinds DPA creates a new database and populates it with tables, indexes, and initial data.

Connection information

Enter the server name or IP address and port. The default port is 1433.

Do not use a critical production database.


Windows authentication

Use the syntax DOMAIN\username in the SYSADMIN??User field.

SQL Server authentication

Enter the same credentials as the Connect to Server screen (with type = Database Engine) in SQL Server Management Studio.

SSL??is requested by default. If the server does not support SSL, a plain connection is used.


Are you receiving errors? See DPA for SQL Server installation troubleshooting.

Do you want to host the repository on a SQL Server Express server? See Install and configure SQL Server Express for DPA repository.

Enter repository login

Allow DPA to create the user

SolarWinds recommends this method because DPA requires special permissions that existing users may not have.

  1. Next to Create New Login, click Yes.
  2. Select the authentication method.
  3. Enter the user name and password.

Create the user manually

  1. Next to Create New Login, click No.
  2. Select the authentication method.
  3. Enter the user name and password.

Authentication methods

SQL Server authentication

Do not specify a domain in the User Name field. Only the user name is required.

Windows authentication

Enter an existing Windows user. DPA cannot create a new Windows user for you. If you want to use a new Windows authentication user, you must first create it in your network domain.

Use the syntax DOMAIN\username in the User Name field.

You can also authenticate using a Windows Computer Account.

Specify database for the repository

Choose whether to store the repository in a new or existing database.

New database

Enter a database name. The name is prefixed with dpa_ for identification.

The database file and log file name fields are populated with the most common location for database files on the repository instance.

Existing empty database

This option is available if the repository instance contains an empty database.

If your SQL Administrator created a database for SolarWinds DPA, select the database from the list.

Contact information

Enter your name and email. SolarWinds DPA sends database performance reports to this address.


  1. Confirm the repository information, and click Create Repository.
  2. Click Register Database Instance to Monitor to continue.
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13:51, 15 Sep 2016