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Install DPA on Linux

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  1. Download the installation file from the SolarWinds Customer Portal.
  2. Create a directory to hold this version of SolarWinds DPA. For example: /home/dpa.
  3. Extract the downloaded TAR installation file into the new directory.
  4. There are two options for running the dpa_<version>_installer.sh script from the command line:
    • Make it executable and run it directly:

      chmod +x dpa_<version>_installer.sh


    • Run it in the shell:

      sh dpa_<version>_installer.sh

  5. The installer prompts you to create a directory on the server for installation. This becomes the SolarWinds DPA Home directory.
  6. Start SolarWinds DPA.
    • From the SolarWinds DPA Home directory, run ./startup.sh.

After installation

  1. Go to http://yourserver:8123 in a web browser.
  2. Create the repository database.
  3. Register database instances for monitoring.
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