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Before you install DPA

Identify the server where DPA will be installed

Make sure the server:

  • Is powerful enough to handle the load of the potential number of monitored database instances that you will register. See the Requirements.
  • Has network connectivity to the DPA repository and each of the monitored database instances that you will register. DPA can be installed on the same server as the repository instance, although it is not required or recommended.

Identify the repository database

Make sure:

  • The repository is not installed in a critical production database instance.
  • You have credentials with SYSADMIN privileges for a SQL Server repository.
  • You have credentials with repository administrator privileges for a MySQL repository.
  • You have credentials with database administrator (DBA) privileges for an Oracle repository.

Obtain login credentials for the monitored databases

You need the following login credentials for each type of database you want to monitor:

Software Requirement

Non-SYS database administrator (DBA) user name and password

SYS password

SQL Server

SYSADMIN user name and password

DB2 SYSADM user name and password


SA_ROLE user name and password


The privileged user requires the CREATE USER permission and must be able to grant the following permissions:

PROCESS on *.*
SELECT & UPDATE on performance_schema.*

To enable the retrieval of query execution plans, this privileged user must be able to grant the following permissions:


Azure SQL db_owner user name and password
VMware Read-only user with access to vCenter or ESX

SolarWinds DPA performs best if a high-speed network exists between the repository and the monitored database instances. Although monitoring will work across a WAN or low-speed network, it may be necessary to reduce the frequency that DPA collects performance data to boost performance.

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10:09, 1 Mar 2017