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DPA 9.2 Release Notes

Created by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret on Aug 01, 2016

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Updated June 4, 2015

These release notes provide guidance for SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) 9.2.

New features and improvements

SolarWinds DPA 9.2 adds an integration module for the Orion family of products. To use the module, you will need to upgrade to latest versions of NPM, SAM, etc. which are available in your portal. See these instructions for more information.

New! DPA Integration Module for the Orion Platform

The DPA integration module is a separate installer to add integration to Orion servers. Integrating DPA information into your Orion platform adds DPA-specific resources that poll information directly from DPA and expand the breadth of information available in other resources. Features include:

  • DPA Integration Wizard: The Integration Wizard connects DPA to SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM), 6.2.1 or later, mapping database and applications in SAM to databses and queries in DPA.
  • Databases Tab: The new Databases tab displays a health and performance dashboard for databases on premise and in the cloud, providing a high level view of performance for all databases being monitored with DPA.
  • Database Instance View: This new view includes the Database Response Time Resource, which provides a summary of database wait time by the selected database instance monitored by DPA.
  • Applications using My Databases: See which applications are using your databases and how they are performing.

Database Performance Analyzer Improvements:

Support for the Integration Module

Fixed issues

There are no fixed issues in this release.

Known issues and workarounds

Issue Workaround
SQL Server Long Running Jobs alert may fire false positives if a SQL Server job was started and not allowed to finish. Create a Custom SQL Alert that excludes the SQL Server jobs that are started but not completed and will never be allowed to finish.
When the Database Performance Analyzer 9.2 Orion Integration Module is installed on AddWebsite, the database is not configured Also install the module on the main poller
On the Database Instance Details screen, you may receive an unclear exception message regarding connectivity issues Start the Ignite PI service on the DPA server and then refresh the Database Instance Details page
The 64-bit version of DPA cannot be installed on 64-bit HP-UX No current workaround
Unable to register more than 20 instances after upgrading to DPA from IgniteFree Delete a row from the CONLIC table.
You can enter an Oracle 10 or 11 password that is longer than the maximum 30 characters, resulting in a flow exception or wizard failure. Do not enter more than 30 characters for the password.
Step 1 of the Register Instance Wizard lets you go to the next step without selecting a database type. Select a database type before you click Next.
The alarm metric alert emails can have URLs with broken links caused by space characters in the URL. Copy and paste the full URL into the browser instead of clicking the partial link.
The gen3.log is not listed in the local log drop down menu. Type gen3.log file into the log file field to access it.
The Mass DB Instance Registration Wizard lets you skip entering the repository tablespace for an Oracle database. Always enter the repository tablespace for Oracle database instances.
If an Oracle database does not have UTL_CON, there is an ORA-24450 error when you try to register it. Run the unencrypted and uncompiled utl_con.pkg on your Oracle database instead of utl_con.plb.
If you are not an administrator when installing DPA, the User Account Control warning applies to all operating systems, not just those listed in the dialog box. Run the installer as administrator regardless of your operating system.
It is possible to activate an expired license key if the maintenance expiration date is later than the release date of DPA 9.1. However, the licenses are unusable. Do not attempt to activate expired license keys.

Version history

DPA 9.1

DPA 9.0 and 9.0.150


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