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Connect to Oracle using name resolution

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For DPA to connect to Oracle instances by name (tnsnames or LDAP), the following Oracle Network configuration (.ora) files are required (see file descriptions below):

    tnsnames.ora - required for tnsname resolution
    ldap.ora - required for LDAP name resolution
    sqlnet.ora - required if default domains are used
Note: DPA does not support Oracle Names (onames).

The files must be created in or copied to the following location:



If the DPA server is running on a UNIX  or Linux computer, you can use symbolic links in place of the actual files.
The files may be added and modified while the DPA server is running. The new properties are used on subsequent connection attempts.

Property names in sqlnet.ora and ldap.ora must be upper case or lower case. Mixed case property names are not supported.

DPA supports changing the location of these files to a directory outside of the DPA installation. To use a different directory:

  1. Edit <ignite_install_directory>/iwc/tomcat/ignite_config/idc/</ignite_install_directory>
  2. Set the property com.confio.ignite.oracleConfigurationDirectory to the path of the desired file directory. Directories in the path must be delimited by a forward slash.  For example:


  • If the property does not exist in, you must add it. 
  • This directory must exist and be accessible by the DPA server process.
  • The DPA server must be restarted to recognize this change. 


Two properties from this file are used by DPA. This file is not required unless a default domain is used for name resolution.

Used to determine if name resolution should first be attempted using LDAP or TNSNAMES. The default is TNSNAMES. If the primary name resolution is LDAP, SolarWinds recommeneds that you add the sqlnet.ora file to the directory and set this property to (LDAP).

If this property is set, all unqualified tnsnames are suffixed with this domain.

This file is used to resolve a name as a tnsname alias. Included files (ifile property) are not supported. If NAMES.DEFAULT_DOMAIN property is specified in the sqlnet.ora file, all names are suffixed with this value before the name is resolved.

This file is used to determine the LDAP server(s) and default admin context that should be used to resolve names through a directory service, such as OID.

At a minimum, the DIRECTORY_SERVERS property must be defined in this file.

This file must be present for DPA to resolve LDAP names.

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