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Change the display name for a database instance in DPA


This article describes how to change the display name for a database instance in DPA.


All DPA versions

Default display names

  • Oracle: DBname_server
  • SQL Server: server_name + '\' + instance_name (or just server_name if using a default instance)
  • Sybase: server_name:port
  • DB2: server_name:port\DBname
  • MySQL: serverName:port

Change the display name in DPA 10.0 and later

  1. Click Options > Update Connection Info.
  2. Select the database Instance, and click Next.
  3. Edit the Display Name, and complete the wizard.

Change the display name in DPA 9.x and earlier

  1. Log in to the DPA repository database to run queries. To use the Database Query Tool in DPA, click Options > Support > Database Query Tool.
  2. To find the database ID and the current name, run the following statement:

    select id, name from cond;

  3. Run the following statement to update the name:

    update cond set name='newName' where id=databaseID;

  4. Click Options > Support > Refresh Alert Cache to clear the alert cache for this instance.


The Home screen shows the new display name in 20 - 30 seconds.

Last modified
19:07, 22 Jun 2016