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(inserted by DPA) in SQL text

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Updated September 14, 2016


DPA has some items in the SQL text that we collect where it will insert a comment such as the following:

/* (inserted by DPA)
Procedure: [dbo].sp_someProcedure
Character Range: 4906 to 6649 
Waiting on statement:

This sometimes gets mistaken as a procedure DPA is running but, this isn't want this means. This article is to explain why you will see this in the DPA and what it is doing. 


DPA for SQL server


This is not being run by DPA. DPA is trying to give you a hint on where this is run from. 
DPA shows the SQL running and the wait time for SQL statements. If DPA sees stored procedures for example, these have many statements. If for example you had one that had an Insert, an Update, and a select, DPA will show the wait time for each as separate SQL hash values. It also will try to map the statement to the stored procedure. Usually if we grab the name of the stored procedure it will show in the comment block.


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