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Unattended Remote Access


DameWare 12.0 has the ability to perform unattended remote sessions by setting a session link within the agent. This link is generated by the Central Server.


  • DameWare Remote Support license
  • DameWare Centralized Server


DameWare 12.0


1. Run the Configuration Wizard, and then click Edit Details to set the Internet Proxy Connection Details.



2. Click Test Connection.

Note: If port 443 is unavailable or was changed, replace it with Telnet and test if it works. Run a simulation for the Internet session link. 



3. Confirm the changes, and then click Save, Next and Finish.


4. Run the Administration console, and click Settings from the Internet Proxy pane.



Note: The value in the Deployment link field must be accessible to users from the outside. This link can be regenerated, and will allow users from the outside to download the pre-configured agent for unattended access.

Deployment page:

dw deploy.jpg


In the DameWare Mini Remote Control toolbar, click E-mail details for the unattended agent deployment link to be sent via email to the target user or machine. 



When the agent installation is completed on the target machine,  the Administrator Console should receive a request for the agent. That request is located in the Central Server View set.  Once the status becomes approved, the remote machine can now be accessed.



Note: The approval process can be set to automatic though the settings in the internet proxy.

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15:17, 13 Nov 2015