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Proprietary challenge Response/Smart card driver issue

Updated November 11, 2016


This article describes the issue with Smart Card ActiveClient on Windows 10 and how you can troubleshoot them.


  • Dameware Remote Support Centralized (DRSC) v12
  • Dameware Mini Remote Control (Centralized) v12
  • Dameware Remote Support (DRS)
  • Dameware Mini Remote Control (DMRC)


  1. Open MRC.
  2. Click File.
  3. Click Install Service.
  4. Enter the machine's host name or IP.
  5. Check the box with Configuration File (DWRCS.reg).
  6. Click Configure.
  7. Check the box with Allow Proprietary Challenge/Response.
  8. Enter preferred username and password.
  9. Click Ok.
  10. Click Ok and it will install the service.
  11. Once done try to connect using this authentication type.



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15:03, 6 Feb 2017