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The Simple File Transfer (SFT) Shell Menu may not be available

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Updated July 3rd, 2017


This message is informational only, not an indication of an error.  It was created to let the user know when the DameWare Mini Remote Control (DMRC) software was unable to detect whether or not the Operating System has properly registered the DMRC Simple File Transfer (SFT) Explorer Shell menu.  The SFT Shell menu allows a user to right-click on a file or folder and select "DameWare MRCS/Copy to Remote Host" to transfer these files/folders to the remote machine.  This  means that the user may or may not be able to right-click on a file or folder (locally) to transfer it to the remote machine. 


  • DameWare Mini Remote Control - Version(s) 9.x and above


Unfortunately, this process of loading or unloading the SFT Shell Menu is handled directly by Operating System.  Even if this informational message is received, it does not mean that the ability to transfer files from the local to the remote machine is lost.

To transfer from the local machine to the remote machine, drag the files or folders directly into the active DMRC window and the files will automatically be copied to the remote machine's SFT folder defined within the DMRC Client Agent Service on that remote machine (click on the Remote Upload Folder toolbar button after completion).


In version 9.x and above, DameWare Development has added a new SFT drop window feature on the remote machine, which can be opened by either selecting the SFT / Open Remote Drop Window menu option from the DMRC main menu, or by holding down the Shift key and clicking on the "Open the Remote Upload Folder" toolbar button in the DMRC toolbar.  This feature was added to allow a user to drag and drop files from the remote machine directly to the SFT drop window then back to the local machine, when the SFT Shell menus are not available.


To disable this message from being displayed, perform the following (v9.x and above):

  1. Open the DMRC software and press ESC when the Remote Connect dialog is displayed.  
  2. Select View / Local Global Options from the DMRC main menu (or click on the Local Global Options toobar button).  
  3. Select the General Options Tab.
  4. Disable the "Check SFT Shell Menu" option.




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