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Restrict user and machine remote control connection

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Updated June 16, 2017 


This article describes how to enable admin technicians to set limitations on which computers are restricted or can be accessed.


All DameWare versions


Upon connecting to the remote machine via RDP or MRC, check the agent settings under DWMRC Properties:

  1. Right-click the systray icon and select Settings.
  2. Go to the Access tab.
  3. If you want to enable a group of members of one of the listed groups (Local or Global), select Must be a member of one of the following group(s).
  4. Verify that the following options at the bottom of the window are selected. These are applied to the groups added to the box:
    • Permission Required for these account types: requires a Non-Administrator to be granted permission from the user of the remote machine currently logged in to connect. When this setting is disabled, a Non-Administrator can connect without receiving permission in Non-Administrator Mode.

    • Disconnect if at the Logon Desktop: applies to Non-Administrators who attempt to connect to a remote machine that is currently at the Logon Desktop. If this setting is enabled, the Non-Administrator will not be allowed to establish the MRC connection.

    • View Only for these account types: applies to Non-Administrators. This setting restricts the MRC session to View Only Mode for the Non-Administrator.

  5. Go to the  IP Filter – Ipv4 Only tab and select Enable Filter for Remote Control Connections to enable a filter for specific IP addresses.
  6. Click Add and add the IP address that you want to deny access or grant access to.


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