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In this video broadcast, Head Geek™ Tom LaRock is joined by Karen Lopez, Tim Chapman, and David Klee. They’ve known each other for many years, so this discussion was like four friends getting together to talk data and databases. They discussed diagnostic data collection, common performance root causes, reactive tuning versus proactive, and more. Join us for an engaging discussion on these topics! Plus, Tom LaRock will be available to answer your questions live.

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MRC 9.0 is backward compatible with version 7.0+ of the MRC client agent

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Updated April 26, 2018


Starting in version 9.0, MRC is backward compatible with the MRC client agent as far back as version 7.0. Use MRC v9.0 to connect to any remote systems running version 7.x, 8.x, or 9.x of the MRC client agent.

If you connect to an older supported client agent in MRC version 9.0, MRC displays a dialog asking if you want to upgrade the agent to the latest version. This is not a requirement. However, we recommend updating to the latest version when possible to take advantage of fixes and additional features


DameWare Mini Remote Control version 9.0



To connect to an older supported client agent with MRC version 9.0 without upgrading the agent:

  1. Initiate the MRC connection as you would for any other version. MRC displays the upgrade dialog.
  2. If you do not want MRC to display the upgrade dialog for the selected host, select Don't ask again for this host and this version.
  3. Click No on the upgrade dialog.




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