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Home > Success Center > DameWare Remote Support & Mini Remote Control > DameWare - Knowledgebase Articles > Dameware Mini Remote Control (MRC) generates error 1503 when connecting to a machine

Dameware Mini Remote Control (MRC) generates error 1503 when connecting to a machine

Updated June 27, 2018


When trying to connect to a remote machine, MRC displays the following message:


Unable to start Service.
System Error: 1053
The service did not respond to the request in a timely manner.


The MRC agent cannot run in the target machine, but may show as installed.


  • Dameware 12.x



The DWRCSET.dll file is missing from the target machine. It may have been quarantined by target machine's antivirus program.



  1. Check the target machine for antivirus software such as Kaspersky, which is likely to quarantine the DWRCSET.dll needed by the MRC agent.
  2. Temporarily disable the antivirus.
  3. Manually run the DWRCS.exe file in C:\Windows\dwrcs\ to start the agent.
  4. Add the Dameware agent folder to the antivirus exceptions.
  5. If remote still fails after adding MRC as exception, reinstall the agent to restore the quarantined DLLs.



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