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DameWare MRC displays "Waiting for Initial Screen" when trying to connect to XP/2003 clients


When you initiate a DameWare Mini Remote Control (MRC) connection to a remote Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 client, MRC displays the message, "Waiting for Initial Screen" and does not show the remote screen.


All DameWare Mini Remote Control versions


This issue occurs when it takes too long for the network connection to go from the MRC host to the client system. For example, some customers experience this issue when running Sophos Anti-Virus 10.0 on XP systems since Sophos intercepts MRC traffic in order to bypass AV filtering.


There are two workarounds for this issue:


Modify the MRC Registry settings on the remote system to accommodate slow connections by add the first key to the Registry on the remote system. If this does not work, add the second one.

  • [HKLM\SOFTWARE\DameWare Development\Mini Remote Control Service\Settings] "Disable WXL"=dword:00000001
  • [HKLM\SOFTWARE\DameWare Development\Mini Remote Control Service\Settings] "Disable WXL Check"=dword:00000001

Make sure you back up the registry. To read more, click here (© 2018 Microsoft., available at, obtained on March 29, 2018).


Use the Send > Send Refresh command in MRC to force the connection.


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