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DMRC prompt: Waiting for Client to Accept Connection

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Created by Marlo Bidayan, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article explains why the following prompt appears when trying to establish a remote connection:

Waiting for Client to accept connection....


All DameWare Mini Remote Control versions


This occurs when either of the following is enabled in the MRC Client Agent Service on the remote machine:

  • Additional Settings > Permission Required - The user currently logged in to the remote machine will be prompted to grant or deny permission for every connection attempt of either an Administrator or Non-Administrator.
  • Access > Permission Required for these Account Types - The user currently logged in to the remote machine will be prompted to grant or deny permission for every connection attempt of Non-Administrators.

In version 6.9 of the software, it is now possible for a user with Non-Administrator rights to connect to a remote machine without explicit permission.  This new functionality was implemented in a way that maintains the cooperation of our software with the Operating System security of the remote machine, but provides a configurable option within the MRC client agent service to allow this type of connection.  Administrator rights are still required to install, start, stop, remove, upgrade, or downgrade the service as well as to modify the settings of the service once it is installed on a remote machine.

When a connection is established in Non-Administrator Mode, the Notify Dialog box will be displayed on the remote machine with the words, "Non-Administrator Mode" and cannot be closed. 

  • Admin Only Mode - Non-administrators will require permission
  • Non-Admin Mode - Non-administrators will not require permission
  • Permission Required Mode - Everyone requires permission


  • The Permission Required setting on the Additional Settings tab of the MRC Client Agent Service settings overrides the Permission Required for these Account Types setting.  This setting applies to Administrators as well as Non-Administrators.
  • The Disconnect if at Logon Desktop setting and the View Only for these Account Types setting also apply (if enabled) regardless of the Permission Required for These Account Types setting.





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