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Authentication failed: Error_Remote Message: System Error: -2146893048 shows in Dameware Mini Remote Control

Updated March 7, 2019


There are some cases that you might the error below.


"System error -2146893048. The token supplied to the function is invalid"


The error usually appears when Mini Remote Control configured to use Windows NT Challenge/Response as an Authentication method. 


Kerberos is used as a preferred authentication method. In general, joining a client to a Windows domain means enabling Kerberos as the default protocol for authentication from that client to services in the Windows domain and all domains with trust relationships to that domain. In contrast, when either client or server or both are not joined to a domain (or not part of the same trusted domain environment), Windows will use instead NTLM for authentication between client and server


When Encrypted Windows Logon used in MRC and remote machine joined the domain, Kerberos works (it uses Negotiate package which choosing Kerberos as a priority). It works with NTML traffic disabled.


When Windows NT Challenge/Response Authentication used, MRC uses NTLM.


  • Dameware Mini Remote Control version 12


  • Incorrect or restricted permissions on the remote machine.
  • The computer is not authorized in Active Directory.
  • GPO restriction


Do any of the following:

  • Change the Authentication Type in the Dameware Remote Connect window to a different authentication method. 
  • Disable the mirror driver. Clear the Use MRC's Mirror Driver checkbox on the Remote Connect dialog box. 
  • Add the Computer to the Domain or re-add if already connected
  • Try to disable the firewall
  • Uninstall and reinstall the agent with the correct authentication settings, see a guide here
  • Try to build an MSI installer and reinstall manually on the remote machine, see a guide here 
  • Review the Event logs on the remote machine to find out what further steps to take. 


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