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Disable Shared Secret keys

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Updated November 21, 2016


This is a guide on how to disable Shared Secret keys on Dameware MRC.


Dameware Mini Remote Control v12


Option 1: Reinstall client service agent

  1. See the Install and remove the Dameware Client Agent service article.
  2. In step 4 of the installation process, click Session.
  3. Make sure that the Use Shared Secret option is not selected.

Option 2: If you still have access to the machine:

  1. Remote to the target machine.
  2. Right click the MRC tray icon > click Settings.
  3. Click Session.
  4. Deselect the Use Shared Secret option.
  5. Click OK in the next 2 options and then wait until the service agent is reconfigured.
  6. Try to remote again without Shared Secret keys.


Last modified
15:39, 20 Nov 2016