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Dameware license offline activation

Table of contents

Updated: November 28, 2017


This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to activate your DameWare license if the machine is offline (not connected to the internet or behind a proxy or firewall).


All DameWare versions


  1. Open License Manager and click Active/Upgrade on the license you wish to activate.

  2. Click This server does not have internet access. Guide me through offline, manual activation, and click Next.

  3. Click Copy Unique Machine ID, and paste on Notepad.

  4. Log in to the SolarWinds Customer Portal and go to License Management.
  5. Under the activation key, click Activate License Manually.

  6.  Complete the fields, including entering the Unique Machine ID you copied earlier.  Click Generate license file.

  7. Save the license file to a shared location that the machine can access without any issues.
  8. Go back to the screen where you generated the Unique Machine ID.  Click Browse and select the location where you saved the file.

  9. Follow the steps and click Finish.

  10. Restart the installation for everything to update.





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