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This course offers customers an introduction to SolarWinds Backup, focusing on configuring the backup technology, taking backups, data restoration and data security. It is a great primer and will get you up to speed quickly on SolarWinds Backup.
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Configure the Dameware Internet Proxy for port forwarding

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Updated: September 19, 2017

Dameware uses the netsh tool to establish port forwarding through the Dameware Central Server between your Mini Remote Control application and the Dameware Internet Proxy.

You are prompted to install the IPv6 protocol when it is not present on the computer on which you installed the Dameware Central Server. The Internet Proxy communication type is set to Forward through the Central Server in the Administration Console. You can change the port number (the default is 6132) in the Dameware Server Configuration Wizard or by editing the Proxy listening port in the Internet Proxy communication type setting.

If you decide to not install the IPv6 protocol, each Mini Remote Control application communicates directly to the Dameware Internet Proxy instead of using port forwarding through the Central Server.

  1. Log in to the Administration Console.
  2. Click Internet Proxy > Settings.
  3. Click Edit in the Internet Proxy communication type parameter.
  4. Change the port number, and click OK.
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