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Mini Remote Control and Web Help Desk integration

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Created by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret on Jul 13, 2016

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Integrating DameWare Mini Remote Control into Web Help Desk (WHD) allows you to seamlessly move from WHD to Mini Remote Control and save Mini Remote Control information to a WHD ticket.

When Mini Remote Control opens from Web Help Desk, Mini Remote Control opens in Web Help Desk Integration mode. This mode allows you to save information gathered from a remote support session in Mini Remote Control to a Web Help Desk ticket. A banner displays during the session when Mini Remote Control runs in Web Help Desk Integration mode.

Create a Mini Remote Control session in Web Help Desk integration mode from a WHD asset. This immediately connects you to the asset or remote computer. If the asset is not on your local network, or if the asset is not part of your Saved Host list, the Remote Connect dialog displays. You can create an Internet Session or add the asset to your Saved Host list.

After you complete your troubleshooting steps in Mini Remote Control and close the session, you are prompted to save session details, chat transcripts, and screenshots to a WHD ticket. Session details include:

  • Technician IP address

  • Client IP address

  • Session start time

  • Session end time

  • Session duration

  • Session termination reason

  • Technician notes

Session details are saved to the ticket as a note and any chat transcripts or screenshots are saved to the ticket as attachments.

Web Help Desk Integration mode requires some configuration changes in WHD (See Integrate with Web Help Desk for more information) in addition to an install of the Mini Remote Control application and the Mini Remote Control agent installed on each remote computer or asset. The configuration change creates a custom protocol handler (dwrcc) that is associated with the Mini Remote Control application on the local computer.


  • Depending on your security settings, you may be prompted to allow the DameWare protocol handler to resolve and open Mini Remote Control.

  • MRC cannot install an agent when running in integration mode. The agent must already be present on the remote computer or asset.

  • You cannot create a chat only session in Web Help Desk Integration mode.

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09:21, 13 Jul 2016