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Install DameWare Server

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Created by Anthony.Rinaldi, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi on Jul 13, 2016

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The following procedure guides you through installing DameWare Server. You can choose to install all necessary software on a single computer (Express Install) or to install some of the software on different computers (Advanced Install)

Express Install

Installs the following:

  • DameWare Server (DameWare Central Server, DameWare Internet Proxy, and DameWare Mobile Gateway)

  • DameWare Server Administration Console

  • Remote Support with Mini Remote Control (Centralized mode)

Advanced Install

Choose which software to install on the computer. At least one instance of each program must be installed on your network.


  • You may need to request the DameWare Server executable files from your SolarWinds sales representative.

  • You must run the installer as an administrator.

To install and configure DameWare Server:

  1. Log on as an administrator.

  2. Navigate to your download location and run the DameWare Server executable file.

  3. Review the welcome text, and then click Next to continue.

  4. Select I accept the terms in the License Agreement, and then click Next.

  5. If you want to install to a destination folder other than the default, click Browse, select an installation folder, and then click OK.

  6. If you want to install all DameWare Server software, select Express DameWare Server Install (Recommended), and click Next.

  7. If you want to install only part of the DameWare Server software (such as the Administration Console), select Advanced DameWare Server Install, and click Next. See Advanced installation options for more information.

    1. Select the software you want to install.

    2. Click Next.

  8. Select which application shortcuts you want the DameWare installer to create, and click Next.

  9. Click Install to begin the installation. The installer will install any pre-requisite software that is missing from the computer as well as the DameWare software.

  10. Enter the email address you provided to DameWare when you registered for the software, and click Continue.

  11. Click Finish to complete the installation and open the Configuration Wizard.

  12. Review the DameWare Server components, and click Next.

  13. If you want to turn on all DameWare Server components on the computer, select Express Configuration (Recommended for evaluation), and click Next.

    1. If you want to evaluate the Internet Session, click Test Connection and correct any errors.

    2. If you do not want to evaluate the Internet Session at this time, select I do not want to test the Internet Session URL (Skip this step), and click Next.

  14. If you want to turn on specific DameWare Server components on the computer, select Advanced Configuration (Recommended for production environment), and click Next.
    • Click Run Locally on components you wish to run from the computer.

    • Click Edit details to modify port numbers.

    • If the computer you are configuring hosts the Central Server and the other components are hosted on a different computer, click Connect Network Machine, and enter the host information.

  15. Note the default accounts, and click Finish. Use the default administrator account (user name: admin, password: admin) to logon to the Administrator Console.

For more information about Advanced Configuration choices, see Configure the DameWare Server or Advanced configuration.

After you have completed installing and configuring DameWare Server, log on to the DameWare Administration Console to add users, create a global host list, or modify your server settings.


  • To launch the Mini Remote Control or Remote Support applications or the Administration Console manually, navigate to Start > Programs > SolarWinds > DameWare <Product>, and select the application. You will need your DameWare Server user account information to logon.

  • If a shortcut is not added to the Windows Start Menu, open the Configuration Wizard from Start > Programs > SolarWinds > DameWare Server > DameWare Server Configuration Wizard, and run it again.

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09:05, 13 Jul 2016