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Services view

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Created by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret on Jul 12, 2016

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The Services view consists of two tabs, which display the remote system's services and device drivers, respectively. Use the Services view to start, stop, pause, and continue services. You can also modify a service's Startup Properties and view Service Dependencies. DameWare Remote Support also provides an easy to use wizard interface for both Service Installation and Service Removal. Batch Processing can be initiated from one client machine to any machine available in the Network Browser. The Services view allows the user to switch between the Services tab and the Device Drivers tab in the upper portion of the view and displays the machines included in the Batch Processing in the lower portion of the view. This lower portion of the Services view works like a queue manager of the target machines. Machines can be added to the Batch Processing using drag and drop from the Network Browser. The machines added to the Batch Processing are saved so that each time you load the Services view the machines will be listed. Batch Processing can be aborted at any time during the Batch process.

Use Batch Processing to make the following modifications to services on one or more remote systems:

  • Start Service

  • Stop Service

  • Pause Service

  • Continue Service

  • Remove Service This option will also allow for all dependent services to be stopped when this service is removed.

  • Startup Type

  • Service Installation

  • Install DameWare Remote Support Service

  • Install DameWare Mini Remote Control Service

For additional information about Batch Processing, see Batch Processing.

Service Groups

DameWare Remote Support is Service Group aware. This means that as you stop a service that is member of a service group, you are prompted with a list of all dependent services and can choose whether you want to stop all services in the service group.

Service Group

A group of similar services that are loaded together at startup. Windows operating systems load one service group at a time. After the OS loads all the service groups, it loads all other services that are not part of a service group.

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