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Troubleshoot your Central Server connection

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Created by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret on Jul 12, 2016

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Before you can logon to the DameWare Central Server and use DameWare Remote Support or DameWare Mini Remote Control in centralized mode, the DameWare Central Server administrator must create an account for you to use and provide you with the Central Server information.

To logon, you will need the following information:

  • The DameWare Central Server and/or DameWare Mobile Gateway IP address or host name, if you are using DameWare authorization
  • The DameWare service port number (default is 6133)

You can connect using either Windows Authentication or Dameware Authentication.

Use an IPv4 address or a hostname. If you need to use an IPv6 address, you must add the address and host name to your host file. See KB 400151 for more information.

  • Windows Authentication uses the credentials you used to log into your machine. If this account has not been assigned the administrator privileges, you cannot log on to the Administrator Console.
  • DameWare Authentication refers to DameWare specific user accounts that are independent of your other credentials. The default administrator name is admin and the default password is admin. If your DameWare user account does not have administrator privileges, you cannot log on to the Administrator Console.

If you cannot logon to the Central Server and your DameWare user name and Central Server information are correct, you may have exceeded the number of licensed users or your account may be disabled. Contact your DameWare Central Server administrator to resolve this issue.

Each time you logon to DameWare Central Server from Remote Support or Mini Remote Control in centralized mode, you create a Central Server session. You can create multiple sessions from a single computer, but you cannot create sessions from different computers. If you open a second session from another Remote Support or Mini Remote Control console located on a different computer, your previous Central Server sessions are closed. Other reasons for your session to close include a Central Server administrator closing it or because you were idle for too long.

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