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DameWare Mini Remote Control Licensing and activation

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DameWare standalone software is licensed per user, and each license allows you to install on 3 computers. The Mini Remote Control Client Agent Service is not licensed and there are no additional fees for installing the service on remote systems. For example, if you have 10 computers running Mini Remote Control and you use Mini Remote Control to manage 10,000 remote systems, you only need to license the 10 Mini Remote Control computers to maintain compliance with the SolarWinds End User License Agreement (EULA). To purchase licenses, visit

The DameWare centralized version is licensed per user, but the licensing and activation occur on the DameWare Central Server using the centralized license key. The centralized license includes a licensed user count, and each authorized DameWare user reduces the number of available user licenses. For example, if you purchased a 10 user license, you can install and use Remote Support or Mini Remote Control from any computer so long as you can logon to the DameWare Central Server and do not exceed 10 users. The Mini Remote Control Client Agent Service in the centralized version is not licensed and there are no additional fees for installing it.

Note: To comply with the SolarWinds EULA, you cannot activate both standalone and centralized software at the same time.


After installing DameWare Mini Remote Control 12.0, standalone version, you are prompted to enter the licensing information for your product. If you choose to start with the 14-day evaluation, you can access the Licensing Information options by opening Start > All Programs > SolarWinds > DameWare Mini Remote Control 12.0 > Enter License Information on the computer you want to license.

Note: Versions 10.0 and later of DameWare uses a new licensing method that allows you to keep the same license key when you upgrade. Version 9 license keys can also use this method. For more information, see New DameWare Licensing and Activation.

To evaluate the software without a license:

Click Continue Evaluation.

To license the software on a computer with Internet access:

  1. Click Enter Licensing Information.

  2. Select I have internet access and an activation key.

  3. Click the link to access the customer portal on the SolarWinds web site.

  4. Log in to the portal using your SolarWinds customer ID and password.

  5. Click License Management on the left navigation bar.

  6. Navigate to your product, choose an activation key from the Unregistered Licenses section, and then copy the activation key.

  7. If you cannot find an activation key in the Unregistered Licenses section, contact SolarWinds customer service.

  8. Return to the Activate Mini Remote Control window, and then enter the activation key in the Activation Key field.

  9. If you access Internet web sites through a proxy server, click I access the internet through a proxy server, and enter its proxy address and port.
    Note: If you access the Internet through an authenticated proxy server, use the procedure for activating without Internet access instead.

  10. Click Next.

  11. Enter your email address and other registration information, and then click Next.

To license the software on a computer without Internet access:

  1. Click Enter Licensing Information

  2. Select This server does not have internet access, and then click Next.

  3. Click Copy Unique Machine ID.

  4. Paste the copied data into a text editor document.

  5. Transfer the document to a computer with Internet access.

  6. On the computer with Internet access, complete the following steps:

    1. Browse to, and then log on to the portal with your SolarWinds customer ID and password.

    2. Navigate to your product, and then click Manually Register License.

    3. If the Manually Register License option is not available for your product, contact SolarWinds customer service.

    4. Provide the Machine ID from Step 5, and then download your license key file.

  7. Transfer the license key file to the Mini Remote Control computer.

  8. Return to the Activate Mini Remote Control window, browse to the license key file, and then click Next.

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