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Dameware centralized licensing

Updated: September 12, 2017

The centralized versions of Dameware Remote Support and Dameware Mini Remote Control are licensed on the Central Server. During the installation process, a license key is entered for either Dameware Remote Support Centralized or Dameware Mini Remote Control Centralized, based on what you have purchased.

For example, if you have purchased Dameware Remote Support, you enter a license key for Dameware Remote Support Centralized and the Dameware Mobile Gateway. The Dameware Mobile Gateway is an optional feature of Dameware Remote Support that enables Technicians to support Windows end users from iOS or Android devices. Each centralized version of Dameware Remote Support includes a license key for the Dameware Mobile Gateway. If you purchased Dameware Mini Remote Control, you only enter a license key for Mini Remote Control Centralized.

The Dameware Central Server and Dameware Internet Proxy are included with the centralized version of Dameware Remote Support and are not separately licensed.

Can I use a single license key across multiple Central Servers?

Yes. Each license key includes a specific number of users, based on your original purchase of Dameware Remote Support or Dameware Mini Remote Control. With the centralized versions, the key can be used on multiple servers with activations up to the purchase amount. For example, if you purchased 100 seats of Dameware Remote Support, you can install Dameware Remote Support Centralized on one server, and activate up to 100 seats. Or, you can install Dameware Remote Support Centralized on multiple servers, with the total seats adding up to 100. For example, you can take the 100 Dameware Remote Support Centralized seats and allocate 25 seats on a server in Denver, 50 seats on a server in San Francisco, and the remaining 25 seats on a server in New York City.

After you apply your purchased license, you must disable or delete any user accounts that exceed the number of licensed seats you have purchased.

Complimentary Software

The following Dameware software is provided free of charge and is not licensed:

Internet Session licensing

Internet Sessions enable technicians on your internal network to access user computers that are on a public network. The Internet Session feature is included with Dameware Remote Support Centralized and requires the Dameware Central Server and the Dameware Internet Proxy to be installed and configured. Any Dameware Remote Support user established on the Dameware Central Server is licensed to create multiple Internet Sessions.

Dameware Mini Remote Control Centralized does not support Internet Sessions.

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