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DameWare Remote Support displays system error 1219

Updated October 16, 2018


DameWare Remote Support displays system error 1219 and the following message:

System Message: The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of credentials.


DameWare Remote Support


This error can be duplicated in other contexts, and is not directly related to DameWare software. The most common reason for this error is that you already have a connection to the remote system using a different set of credentials.


  1. Log in to DameWare Remote Support.
  2. In the main Remote Support toolbar, click Disconnect Network Connections.
    All connections are displayed.
  3. Disconnect any connection(s) to the system generating the error.
  4. Re-connect to the system with credentials that include adequate rights.
    If you cannot reconnect or the remote system does not have open connections, reboot the local system.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, make sure you do not have a duplicate user ID on the source and destination systems that use a different password. If so, change the passwords so they are identical on both systems or change the user IDs so they are not identical.

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