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System Tools view

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Created by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret on Jul 12, 2016

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The DameWare Remote Support System Tools option from the Network Browser expands to a maximum of sixteen user-defined tools. Add or remote system tools on the System Tools tab of the DameWare Remote Support Properties window. Remote Support dynamically reflects your changes in the Network Browser. These system tools are stored on the system running DameWare Remote Support, so they are the same for any system you select. The System Tools in DameWare Remote Support support the following macros:

  • %Machine%

  • %Domain%

  • %IP% (IP address)

The default items in Remote Support's System Tools menu are samples to illustrate how you can run third party applications from within Remote Support's interface. These third party applications have nothing to do with Remote Support and they are not part of the Remote Support program. For example, the default system tool, Registry Editor (Sample) opens regedit.exe from %SystemRoot% on the remote system. The following procedure illustrates adding Microsoft's built-in calculator application to the System Tools list.

To add a new tool to the system tools list:

  1. Open DameWare Remote Support.

  2. Click System Tools on the menu bar, and then select Edit System Tools.

  3. On the System Tools tab of the DameWare Remote Support Properties window, click .

  4. Enter a name for the new tool. For example, enter Calculator.

  5. With the new tool selected in the Menu Contents pane, enter the path for the program in the Command field. For the calculator application, enter %windir%\system32\calc.exe.

  6. If applicable, enter any command-line arguments in the Arguments field. For example, enter \\%Machine%.

  7. In the Initial Directory field, enter the starting directory for the application. For example, enter %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%.

  8. Click OK.

Remote Support adds the new tool to the System Tools list. When you run the new tool for a specific system, Remote Support opens the application for that system if it can.

Some applications (like calc.exe) do not support parameters such as %Machine%. If that is the case, Remote Support opens the tool on the local system.

For additional information about the options on the System Tools tab, see System Tools tab.

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