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Shutdown view

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Created by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret on Jul 12, 2016

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The DameWare Remote Support Shutdown view allows you to shut down, power off, or log users off of any remote system. The Shutdown view displays the real time status, logged on user(s), and any applications that are running for the remote system. Use Batch Processing to perform any of the Shutdown functions on one or more remote systems from the lower pane of the Shutdown view. For additional information about Batch Processing, see Batch Processing.

In addition to Batch Processing, the Shutdown view supports the following actions in the mini toolbar:

  • Shutdown: Opens the System Shutdown dialog for the remote system.

  • Logoff: Opens the User Logoff dialog for the remote system.

  • Power Off: Opens the Power Off dialog for the remote system.

When you launch one of these commands from the Shutdown view mini toolbar, the corresponding dialog presents the following options unless otherwise noted. When you launch Batch Processing for one or more remote systems from the Shutdown view, the Batch Logoff / Power Off / Shutdown window displays these options on separate tabs for each command:

  • Reboot after Shutdown: Shutdown only. It instructs the routine whether to reboot the target machine after the shutdown command is executed.

  • Force Application Termination: When selected specifies whether to force applications running on the target machine(s) to be closed before the shutdown of the target machine.

  • Time to Shutdown Countdown: Specifies the delay in seconds before the Batch process is actually initiated.

  • Allow User to Abort: Logoff and Power Off only. Will present a dialog box on the target machine where the user can Abort the process.

  • Install Service if not Installed: Logoff and Power Off only. Dynamically installs the DameWare Remote Support service on the target machine allowing the process to be completed.

  • Message Text: The message text is presented in a dialog window to the target machine(s). The maximum number of characters allowed is 117 for Shutdown and 255 for Logoff and Power Off.


  • When the system specified to receive the Logoff command is running the Windows Active Desktop, the command closes the desktop, but may not close the user connections.

  • When the system specified to receive the Power Off command does not support Power Off features, the command reboots the system. The Power Off feature is only supported on hardware that supports auto-power off.

  • DameWare Remote Support does not support the Shutdown process against Windows 9x clients.

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