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In this video broadcast, Head Geek™ Tom LaRock is joined by Karen Lopez, Tim Chapman, and David Klee. They’ve known each other for many years, so this discussion was like four friends getting together to talk data and databases. They discussed diagnostic data collection, common performance root causes, reactive tuning versus proactive, and more. Join us for an engaging discussion on these topics! Plus, Tom LaRock will be available to answer your questions live.

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About Smart Card requirements

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Updated: September 19, 2017

Smart cards provide a form of two-factor authentication to securely connect with a computer. You can use smart cards with Mini Remote Control to log in remotely and interactively. Interactive login allows users of Mini Remote Control to access remote machines and interactively login with their PIN while they are at the Logon Desktop as if they are physically at the console of the remote machine. Remote Smart Card authentication does not require Smart Card middleware and does not require a Smart Card reader attached to the remote machine.

The following is a list of requirements necessary for Dameware Mini Remote Control to authenticate successfully with smart cards.

  • Smart Card login and authentication is only supported on Windows Vista and above.
  • Microsoft's Smart Card Services (scardsvr) must be installed.
  • The Operating System and network implementation must be configured properly for Smart Card authentication. The Smart Card & PIN must have sufficient rights to log on to the remote machine.
  • A Smart Card reader must be installed on the local machine.
  • Smart Card Authentication to Active Directory requires that Smart Card workstations, Active Directory, and Active Directory Domain Controllers be configured properly. Active Directory must trust a certification authority to authenticate users based on certificates from that CA. Both Smart Card workstations and Domain Controllers must be configured with correctly configured certificates.
  • A Smart Card reader is not required on the remote machine.
  • When using smart card authentication interactively, a New Hardware Found notification may be displayed on the remote computer.
  • You can elect to use smart card authentication when you create your host entry on the Mini Remote Control application, or you can choose to use smart card authentication in the client agent's settings.
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