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Open Files view

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Created by Anthony.Rinaldi, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi on Jul 12, 2016

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The Open Files view displays a custom view that shows any files, folders, and pipes that are open on the remote computer. The Open Files view displays the Open File Count and Status at the top of the view, along with the following sortable columns:

  • UserID

  • Path

  • Access Type

  • Locks

  • ID

The only option available to you in this view are to select one or more open files, folders or pipes and issue a disconnect on the item. When a disconnect is issued, DameWare Remote Support prompts you with an information dialog containing the message, "Forcing userID to close filename. May result in loss of data. Do you want to continue?" Click Yes to disconnect, or No to return to the Open Files view without performing a disconnect.

A pipe, by definition, is an interprocess communication mechanism that allows one process to communicate with another local or remote process.

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14:36, 12 Jul 2016