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Central Server Database migration/reinstallation

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Created by Marlo Bidayan, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article provides steps to migrate or reinstall the Central Server Database.

This applies to forgotten administrator passwords and lost access to the console, or you only want to migrate the application to another machine or repair the central server.


All DameWare Central server (DRS and MRC) versions


Note: The DameWare Server Service must be stopped before performing the following steps.


1. Create a backup and remove the SolarWinds dabatase (DameWareDB.sdf) from the current directory.

2. Reinstall the application on top of the existing instance and this would create a fresh copy of the database.

3. Copy the database again back in to the directory.

4. Run the Configuration Wizard.

5. Everything will be on red, click the Turn Off button and click it again to turn back on.

     The modules should be green and the service has been started by that same procedure.

6. Test connections and functionality.


For forgotten passwords or lost access to the administration console:

1. Download Compact view - SQL Compact editor.

2. Open the database.

3. Select account that to be used as a replacement administrator in CentralServer_LicensedUsers:



4. Disable read-only to allow editing.

5. Locate and select IsAdmin column.

6. Go to FIle and select Close database.

The selected users should now be administrator for the application console.


Note: Do not just close the application or the changes might not apply. 



SQL compact is not a SolarWinds product and is not supported.



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18:58, 22 Jun 2016