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Central Server Certificate Verification

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Created by Marlo Bidayan, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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Customer wants to know if they were able to export the correct certificate for DameWare's Central Server verification.


  • DameWare Centralized version 11 and above


1. Go into the central server and run an elevated command prompt.

2.Run this syntax "netsh http show sslcert". Run without the quotes.

3.Locate port 6133 and take note of the Certificate Hash.

4.Run the Certificate manager and go into "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" - "Certificates".

5.Look for the certificate with the key icon on its left hand corner.

note: The DameWare self signed certificate usually uses the Host Machines name.

6.If you find a certificate that has met the requirement for step 5, look up its thumb print and compare it with the Certificate Hash result from step 3.

7.Once it has been confirmed to be the certificate; export it with the private key and install/import it on machines that are showing up with certificate errors.


To add the certificate correctly on the target machine:

  1. Run mmc.exe.
  2. Click File > Add/Remove Snap-in...
  3. From the Available snap-ins, select Certificates and click Add.
  4. Select your local computer and click Finish.
  5. Click OK to go back to the Management console.


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18:58, 22 Jun 2016