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Offline deactivation for .NET products - Orion platform

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Created by Debra Ondrusek, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article provides steps to deactivate Orion-based licenses where the server is offline or behind a firewall or a proxy. 


Orion Core products



  • Any server that is still up and running behind a firewall, proxy setting that will not allow the software or License Manager to connect to the SolarWinds Licensing Server to online deactivate
  • The latest version of the License Manager allows offline deactivation without having to call Customer Service for assistance.


  1. Download from a computer that has internet, either by your customer portal or using the link below, the latest, updated version of the License Manager that is now configured to process offline deactivation.
    License Manager Download Link:
  2. Transfer the License Manager to the device that is offline.
  3. Download and run the updated License Manager tool.
  4. Choose the license/s that need to be deactivated on your device and click the deactivate button (more than one can be chosen).
  5. A deactivation file will be created.
  6. Copy and save the file to a computer that has internet access.
  7. Access your customer portal with your profile credentials.
  8. Go to the License Management option on the tab, choose License Management in the drop down box.
  9. Navigate to the Licenses, click on Deactivate license manually.
  10.  Browse and upload the deactivation file from where you saved it.
  11. Click on Upload button.
  12. The licenses in the file will be deactivated in your portal shortly.
  13. You are now able to process a registration with the unregistered licenses.




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