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Tips and Tricks on opening a Support Ticket with SolarWinds

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Updated September 13, 2018


This article provides tips and tricks on opening up a support ticket with SolarWinds and how to get a fast response and resolution.


  • All SolarWinds products


Always provide details and screen shots. You can also upload a short video recording of the application behavior if needed.

To open a support ticket for a fast resolution of your issue, follow the steps below:

  1. Open a MS Word document.
  2. Add all screen shots of your issue in the Word document and add a description to each of them.
  3. If you have a service flapping issue, proceed with the below steps:
    1. Take a screen shot of the Orion Service Manager with the services that are flapping.
    2. Take a screen shot of every tab in the Task Manager.
    3. Take a screen shot of any errors connected with the Configuration wizard failure.
    4. If your Orion Web Console is working, go to Settings > All Settings > Polling Engines, and make a screen shot.
  4. Add the following details:
    • Time and date when the issue first occurred.
    • Describe any changes that you may have done - provide details when this issue occurred, what changes were made, and any Windows or hotfix update.
    • Provide an in-depth description of your issue.
    • Include references to screen shots and detail what happens when the issue occurs.
    • Troubleshooting steps taken:
      • Include any troubleshooting steps you’ve taken.
      • Include information from the Solarwinds Success Center if you've referenced any. Also, provide the KB link.
      • Make sure you have listed everything you have tried and that the steps are listed in exactly the same order as you've tried them.
    • Did you receive any interesting errors? Include all such errors.
    • If the issue is reproducible (even intermittently), note the exact steps taken to reproduce the issue.
    • Provide your direct line phone number.
    • Provide your location.
    • Provide your working shift and time zone.
  5. Collect your SolarWinds diagnostics.
  6. Open a Support Ticket.

    In the Subject line, always add the error that you have in the screen shots or in service logs.

  7. Attach the Word Document to the ticket.
  8. Upload the diagnostics with the ticket number you have received.
  9. Reply to the ticket email that you have uploaded the diagnostics.


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