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Reset your SolarWinds product license

Created by Michelle McDowall, last modified by Melanie Boyd on Apr 06, 2017

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This article provides steps to reset your license using the SolarWinds License Manager. This article applies to SolarWinds products running on Microsoft®  Windows® with the .NET Framework.


This article does not apply to the following SolarWinds products, as these products have their own internal licensor: 

  • Database Performance Analyzer (DPA)
  • Firewall Security Manager (FSM)
  • Kiwi Syslog Server version 9.3.2 and earlier
  • Kiwi CatTools version 3.9.0 and earlier
  • LANSurveyor
  • Log and Event Manager (LEM)
  • Serv-U FTP Server 
  • Serv-U Managed File Transfer
  • Storage Manager (STM)
  • Storage Resource Monitor (SRM)
  • Virtualization Manager (VMAN) 
  • Web Help Desk (WHD)


All SolarWinds products running Microsoft Windows with the .NET Framework


Determine whether the system is:

  • Online and accessible
  • Offline and accessible
  • Offline and not accessible

System is online and accessible

  1. Locate the system that contains your product license.
  2. Verify the system time is correct.

    If the system time is off by 24 hours in either direction from Greenwich Mean Time (© 2017 Greenwich Mean, available at, obtained on March 9, 2017), you cannot reset your license.

    Your time zone setting does not affect or cause this issue. 

  3. Download the latest version of License Manager version and run the License Manager installer. 

    See the PDF included with License Manager for information about supported Windows operating systems and additional information about using the tool. 

  4. Double-click LicenseManager.exe to start the License Manager.
  5. Select the license(s) to deactivate.
  6. Click Deactivate.

    The license should now be deactivated and unregistered. 

See the thwack website or the License Manager site for additional information about License Manager.

System is offline and accessible 

Reset license from your Customer Portal.

You can create a license reset file that can be uploaded to your Customer Portal. After the file is uploaded, your license(s) display as unregistered in your Customer Portal and allow you to register the product. 

See Deactivate and reset licenses in License Manager and in the SolarWinds Customer Portal for more information.

System is offline and not accessible

If your system is decommissioned, re-imaged, or unusable for any reason, collect and record the following information:

  • Computer Name
  • License Key
  • Type of license
  • Number of seats to reset (for multi-activation only)
  • Reason you are unable to reset the license

Submit a ticket with the above information to SolarWinds Customer Support and request a license.  


Disclaimer: Please note, any content posted herein is provided as a suggestion or recommendation to you for your internal use. This is not part of the SolarWinds software or documentation that you purchased from SolarWinds, and the information set forth herein may come from third parties. Your organization should internally review and assess to what extent, if any, such custom scripts or recommendations will be incorporated into your environment.  You elect to use third party content at your own risk, and you will be solely responsible for the incorporation of the same, if any.


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