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Training ClassThe Orion® Platform Instructor-led Classes

Provided by SolarWinds® Academy, these trainings will introduce users to the Orion Platform and its features, management, and navigation. These courses are suitable for users looking to discover new tips, tricks, and ways to adapt their Orion products to better suit their monitoring needs:
Deploying the Orion Platform
Configuring Orion views, maps, and accounts
Configuring Orion alerts and reports

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Product Maintenance Features and Renewals Information



SolarWinds licensed products include a year of maintenance from the date of purchase. Annual maintenance provides tremendous ongoing value at a small fraction of the list price. We recommend that you renew your product maintenance prior to the expiration date to ensure that you will continue to have access to product updates, technical support and much more.


Download our Maintenance Datasheet in order to read more about why it pays to renew maintenance:


It Pays to Keep Your Maintenance Active!

Active maintenance provides you with access to:

  • A steady stream of product updates (new features, bug fixes and even major enhancements!)
  • Acclaimed 24x7 SolarWinds technical support 
  • Free Virtual Classroom instructor-led training 
  • Additional “customer-only” product components that extend functionality
  • Ability to shape future product direction with beta and release candidate program participation
  • Invitations to special customer events with product managers, development leads and our Head Geeks


SolarWinds keeps maintenance simple, fair, and very affordable

 Your IT environment is constantly changing – new devices, new challenges – and our frequent updates and free training helps you stay on top of it. Renewing maintenance is far less expensive than purchasing a new license after your maintenance has expired.


Synchronize Maintenance Renewal Dates for Multiple Products

Have you purchased more than one SolarWinds product? Tracking multiple renewal dates can be a hassle but now you can simplify the renewal process by synchronizing, or “co-terming”, all of your SolarWinds renewal dates. Co-terming enables you to select a single renewal date for all products. It's a quick process that makes it easy to keep your SolarWinds products up-to-date! 


If you’ve licensed more than one product and would like to co-term, simply log into your SolarWinds customer portal to get started building your co-term quote today


Visit the Customer Portal


Create your own Budget Quote Online

Our online Budget Calculator allows you to calculate and plan your budget for future renewals. Log into your SolarWinds Customer Portal today to access our Budget Calculator and email a PDF estimate directly to your Finance Team.


Renewal Purchase Options

There are three easy ways to renew: through your SolarWinds reseller, via your online portal, or via email.

  1. Renew Through a Reseller

    1. If you previously purchased maintenance through a reseller, please contact them directly to renew.
    2. Reseller Locator
  2. Online Renewal

    1. ​Log in to your SolarWinds customer portal and select “Renew your Maintenance.” From there, click on the "Renew" buttons for each product you would like to renew. It's just that easy!
    2. Visit the Customer Portal
  3. Email Renewal

    1. You can forward your Company Purchase Order directly to the team at  
    2. Contact your maintenance renewals team


North America:




Europe, the Middle East and Africa:

+353 21 5002900


Asia Pacific:

+632 6635851


View Current Training Classes and Register Today!

SolarWinds offers free, instructor-led classes to help you get the most out of your investment. Customers with any product on active maintenance are free to take classes on any product – even if they do not own that product. To see our full schedule, please visit the Customer Portal and click on “Support” then “Virtual Classrooms.”  


Need Help?

Contact us at and we will gladly walk you through the renewal process.



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