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Merge two or more accounts into one SolarWinds account


This article provides information on how to merge your SolarWinds accounts.


If you have two (2) or more SolarWinds Customer ID's (SWID) and you wish to consolidate all accounts into one, we can merge the accounts. This means that all licenses, support cases, contacts, quotes etc will be under one account rather than multiple accounts. 

If licenses are being used by different departments, and each department has their own SW ID, it is not recommended to merge accounts. The reason is that once accounts have been merged, they cannot be separated out. Only the "kept" SWID will remain in the system, all other SWIDs will no longer exist as they will be combined into the kept account.


If your accounts need to be kept separate, Individual User Accounts can be linked to multiple SWIDs instead. Please refer to following article regarding linking your Customer ID's: Link email to different SolarWinds accounts


  • Merging of accounts must be approved by the Account Admins on each account.  If you are unsure who your Account Admin is, please contact Customer Service.
  • A completed Merge form, signed by the Account Admins

  • If you are requesting accounts under two different subsidiaries (ie US and EMEA) / currencies (ie USD and Euro) to be merged, you must confirm the following; 
    1. ​What location are the licenses being used
    2. What is the reason you wish to combine accounts that have different postal address/ currencies
    3. The currency set on the kept account will be used for all future renewals/new purchases.  You must confirm you are happy to proceed with this as once accounts have been merged, they CANNOT be separated. 


  1. Complete all sections of the Merge form. The form must be signed by the Account Admins from each account.
  2. Return the completed form to or via webcase.
  3. Pending there are no issues, the accounts will be merged by Customer Service and confirmation will be sent to the customer.  Access to the Customer Portal is provided to the Billing and Business contacts listed on the Merge form. They will have the ability to add other contacts via the Customer Portal.




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