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Manually deactivate a license in the Customer Portal

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Updated April 12, 2018


This information applies only to DameWare and Engineer's Toolset. For help with other products, please see the Guide to SolarWinds Product Licenses.


If you no longer have access to the machine your product is running on, the license can be deactivated manually via the Customer Portal. Once you have deactivated the license, the installation count in your Customer Portal will be updated to show that instance as parked.


Note: The install history in the Customer Portal is not editable. It shows all activations and deactivations for record keeping purposes.



  1. Log in to the Customer Portal.
  2. Go to Licenses > Manage Licenses.
  3. Find your license key and click "Deactivate license manually".
  4. Select "I don't have access to the machine with the SolarWinds product".
  5. Click Reset License.
  6. Find and select your computer name from the list on the left.
  7. Click Reset License.



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