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Frequently Asked Questions About Auto-Renewal

Updated Feb 13, 2018

Why should I sign up for Auto-Renewal? What are the benefits of remaining under active maintenance and support?


Auto-Renewal ensures that your products remain under SolarWinds active maintenance and support so you will not experience a gap in coverage or run the risk of paying a higher price if you renew after expiration. Some of the benefits of remaining under active maintenance and support include:


  1. Access to product updates (new features, bug fixes, and even major enhancements)!
  2. Access to Live SolarWinds technical support experts.
  3. Virtual Classrooms, our instructor-led, online, product training – specific to active maintenance customers.
  4. Additional “customer-only” product components that extend functionality.
  5. Opportunities to participate in future product concepts with beta and release candidate program participation.
  6. Invitations to special customer events with product managers, development leads, and our Head Geeks.


How do I sign up?


Please visit customer portal at, and sign up from the home page on the left side. You can also select Renewal, and then click Auto Renewal.


Registration is a 3 step process:

  1. Select the products that are desired to be Auto Renewed
  2. Review the payment schedule, including any charges for today
  3. Provide a credit card for any current and future charges and agree to the terms and conditions


Once you sign up, you will receive an email notification confirming the same. If you do not get this notification, please contact SolarWinds at:



If you do not get a notification, you are not registered for auto renewal, and it will be your responsibility to contact SolarWinds to complete the registration.


If you have multiple SolarWinds accounts, you will be required to sign up each account for Auto-Renewal individually.


What does it mean to sign up for Auto-Renewal?


SolarWinds will automatically renew your license by charging the applicable maintenance renewal fee to the credit card on file for your account before the expiry date so that your products will continue to remain under maintenance without interruption.  Please note: a third party vendor stores your credit card information in a PCI compliant system.


What will the maintenance renewal fee be?


The maintenance renewal fee will be the then-current list price for annual maintenance and support for the applicable SolarWinds product. Pricing can be found in the Customer Portal and any questions can be directed to


Who in my company can turn Auto-Renewal on or off?


Only a Customer Portal Administrator for your account is capable of turning this feature ON or OFF. You may also contact the SolarWinds Customer Service Team if you are unable to turn the feature OFF or if you have questions about how to be assigned as an administrator for the Customer Portal.


When will you charge me - date/time?

We will charge the applicable renewal fee to your credit card at least 7 days before the product license expiry date. If you have multiple product licenses expiring in the same month, we will charge the total renewal fees for all product licenses expiring in that month to your credit card at least 7 days before the earliest product license expiry date.

Will I be notified before you charge the card on file?


Yes. We will notify you of the amount of renewal fees and the date that we will charge your credit card at least 30 days before the product license expiry date. The notification will be sent to the email addresses on file for any Customer Portal Administrators.


If you do not get this notification, please contact SolarWinds at:


If you do not get a notification, it will be your responsibility to contact SolarWinds.


Whom should I contact if I see incorrect charges?


Please contact SolarWinds Customer Service team via opening a ticket from within your customer portal.



Can I select which products to Auto-Renew?


Yes. Product selection is now part of the convenience included in the Auto Renewal program. You can easily add and remove the products that are included in your Auto Renewal program.


How do I update the credit card information once I am signed up for Auto Renewal?


  1. Login to your SolarWinds Customer Portal
  2. Navigate to Renewals > Auto Renewal or select “Manage Auto Renewal” on the left side of the home page
  3. Scroll down to the credit card information box and select “edit”
  4. From there, you can provide updated credit card information


In order to make any changes to the Auto Renewal options, you must have Administrator access to your Customer Portal. For questions about your access level, please contact Customer Service at


How can I cancel?

Like registration, only the Administrator assigned in customer portal for your account is capable of cancelling the Auto Renewal program. This can all be done from the Manage Auto Renewal link on the home page of the Customer Portal. Upon receiving this notice from the customer portal, SolarWinds will remove the card on file and will send you a notice that your Auto Renewal has been cancelled. In case you are not able to login to cancel via the customer portal or if you do not get an email notification confirming the cancellation, please contact SolarWinds at:


If you do not get a notification confirming cancellation, your auto-renewal has not been cancelled, and it will be your responsibility to contact SolarWinds to ensure cancellation.


If you have signed up for Auto-Renewal for multiple SolarWinds’ accounts, you will need to cancel Auto-Renewal for each account individually.


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