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Upgrade NTA/NPM

Table of contents
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Created by Alexander Aguilar, last modified by Gerald.Prado on Oct 02, 2018

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This article provides steps to upgrade NTA and NPM when an old install is present. 

a fresh is install is needed for both products. 

Also aims to answer the following questions:

  • Should we use 2 servers for this implementation, applications server and a database server, or 3 to include NTA_Storage?
  • If another system is online for NTA Storage how should the drive sizes for the 3 servers be set up?



All NTA and NPM versions


Note: Use 3 servers.


  • SQL

SQL database on a RAID 1+0 for better IO performance ++ The better your SQL performs the better the overall Orion products will do.
What else helps your SQL?
Separating the data files from the log files in storage can boost performance significantly.
The SolarWinds Orion database consists of data files with .mdf or .ndf file extensions, and log files with an .ldf extension. These files exist for the main database and for the temporary (temp) database SQL uses for moving data
File Segregation -
Performance Best Practices:
C Drive, NTFS, 100GB, Raid1 (for OS and Logs) / D Drive, NTFS, 200GB, Raid10 (for Database)


  • NTA_Storager

C Drive, NTFS, 100GB, Raid1 (for OS and Data)



C Drive, NTFS, 300GB, Raid1 (for OS and Data)


Additional resources:
Network Performance Monitor (NPM) -
NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) -



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