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APM Release Notes 4.2

Table of contents

Version 4.2

  • Dates now follow regional formatting.
  • Issue with nodes with duplicate names not being included in selection count fixed.
  • Issue when the window for selecting a node for testing is not displayed has been fixed.
  • Issue with pop-up windows not appearing for node selection has been fixed.
  • An issue concerning messages being truncated in the database field has been fixed.
  • Default thresholds are now set for imported templates.
  • For the VMWare wizard, the counter selection has been fixed when switching between Single and Multiple wizard modes for Internet Explorer.
  • An issue concerning the Find Processes wizard continuing with wrong credentials for VMware has been fixed.
  • An issue concerning the Active Application Alerts resource showing an invalid status has been fixed.
  • APM now cleans the records for Node Child Status when an application is deleted.
  • APM Process Monitor – SNMP no longer randomly fails when SNMPv3 is used.
  • CPU load on SQL server has been decreased.
  • An issue with the creation of duplicate tables in the database has been resolved.
  • The failing of two queries in APMViewsAndResources.sql when creating duplicate views in the database has been fixed.
  • The problem of various monitors; including, but not limited to, the Windows Event Log Monitor, HTTP Monitor, and HTTPS Monitor, reporting a ‘Down’ status instead of an ‘Unknown’ status under certain conditions, has been resolved.
  • The ${StatusOrErrorDescription} Advanced Alert Macro for Script Monitors has been fixed.
  • An issue with multiple instances of SNMPManager being created unexpectedly has been fixed.
  • An issue with the HTTPS Monitor not working after upgrading to APM 4.2 has been resolved.
  • The Protected Storage service has been removed from the Windows Server 2003-2008 Service and Counters template due to its default behavior.
  • JMX component for Java Monitoring.
  • Native Nagios Script Monitor.
  • Data Transformations added to component monitors.
  • New and Updated Templates.
  • Scripts now can return multiple values.
  • APM objects can now be used with the Multiple Object Chart.
  • SSL Certificate Expiration Date monitor.
  • "Not Equal to" threshold operator added.
  • Search functionality for various wizards.
  • User Notes and Descriptions fields added to templates.
  • Message field added to Component Monitor Details.
  • Ability to sort Applications by status.
  • Help file now one comprehensive document.
  • Multiple Statistic Chart.
  • The JMX Wizard/Monitor now accepts custom URLs.



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