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APM Release Notes 4.0.2

Table of contents

Version 4.0.2

  • Polling issues with APM have been fixed.
  • The Citrix XenApp 5.0 Services template has been fixed.
  • Timeouts when displaying CPU charts in the Web Console have been fixed.
  • The Citrix XenApp 5.0 Core WMI Counters template has been fixed.
  • The DHCP User Experience Monitor now supports ISC DHCP Server.
  • The RADIUS User Experience monitor and template have been fixed.
  • The Find Processes, Services, and Performance Counters wizard now works correctly when using the VMware Performance Counter Monitor type.
  • Rollup logic for Unmanaged applications in All Applications tree has been fixed so that an unmanaged application does not cause the rollup status to be shown as warning (yellow). The rollup status is now correctly shown as green for unmanaged applications.
  • Script for dropping APM tables from the NPM database when migrating APM to a standalone server is completed.
  • Changed the field name in Windows PowerShell Monitor from PowerShell Version to Execution Mode to reflect its true function.
  • Performance Counter monitors are no longer going up and down.
  • The component thresholds and status for the Windows PowerShell Monitor were fixed.
  • Temporary files created by the Linux/Unix Script Monitor now use a shorter GUID hash code instead of a full GUID.
  • VMware Performance Counter monitor no longer causes high network traffic.
  • Selecting all application monitors on page now works correctly.
  • Database maintenance has been fixed to not throw exceptions with primary key violations.
  • Oracle User Experience monitor now returns appropriate statistics data.
  • APM no longer creates false alerts for performance counters.
  • Testing an RPC Windows Service Monitor now correctly shows Down status if the remote machine is unreachable.
  • swjobengineworker2.exe no longer crashes.



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