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SAM 6.1 Release Notes


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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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Updated March 12, 2014

These release notes provide additional guidance for SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) version 6.1

Installing this Version

As with all modifications to your production environment, it is suggested that you complete the following tasks before implementing any changes:

If you need a temporary license to install an instance of the software in a lab, please download an evaluation copy of the latest software from our website. Evaluation copies come with a fully functional 30-day license.

SAM Administrator's Guide


  • Additional Orion Web Servers must be able to communicate with the primary SAM server on TCP port 17777. If you are within a secured network and have separated the polling engine component from the Web Console or are using additional pollers, make sure the polling engine is reachable on port 17777.
  • Whenever you upgrade SAM, ensure you first back up your database.

Upgrading and Configuring

  • SAM 5.0 and higher can be upgraded to this version, SAM 6.1.

If you have both NPM and APM (SAM pre v5.0) installed, upgrade NPM on all SolarWinds servers first, followed by the pollers. Once that is complete, you can successfully upgrade to this release of SAM. Failure to upgrade in the correct order will result with the Configuration Wizard generating a Database Configuration Failure error.

If you have additional pollers or web consoles, upgrade them at the same time as your SolarWinds server. Update the main poller first, then the additional pollers and/or web consoles. Additional web consoles and pollers communicate with the primary SAM server on port 17777.

Follow the appropriate procedure in the section "Upgrading Server & Application Monitor" in the SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor Administrator Guide.

Repeat this procedure for any additional pollers or Web Consoles, making sure to use the correct installers for pollers (SolarWinds-Orion-APM-vx.y.z-Poller.exe) or web consoles (SolarWinds-Orion-APM-vx.y.z-WebOnly.exe), since these are different from the standard installer package.

If you are licensed for additional polling engines or additional web servers, they can be found in your SolarWinds Customer Portal. The additional Poller components must be installed on all additional pollers. The additional web server components should also be installed on all additional web servers. Both the additional poller and web server components should be at the same version as the primary SAM server.


  • If you purchase a SAM license to use with NPM, the additional nodes allowed in the SAM license can monitor CPU, Memory, and response times for nodes.
  • Downgrades of SolarWinds products are not supported. If you are upgrading or installing multiple SolarWinds products, confirm that you are installing them in the order given in the Upgrade Instructions located in your SolarWinds Customer Portal.
  • If you are not up to date on your maintenance, you will not be able to install service releases.

Migrating to Another Server

If you are installing the new SAM version to a new server, but plan to use an existing database, you are required to manually copy the original security certificate to the new server before installing the new SAM version. Otherwise you will need to re-enter passwords for all your SAM credentials. For information about copying the security certificate and a workaround to avoid re-entering passwords (if you migrated without copying the security certificate), refer to the following knowledge base article: How can I migrate my credentials when upgrading Orion APM 3.5 to Orion APM 4.0, or higher, on a new server?

Open Issues in this Release

This release of SolarWinds SAM includes the following open issues:

  • Users who experience issues displaying graphs and charts in Internet Explorer 8 should upgrade to IE 9 or use Chrome or Firefox.
  • When SAM is installed on Windows 2003, scheduled tasks on Windows 2008 or later cannot be polled by the Windows Scheduled Task Monitor (WSTM).

Fixed Issues and Additions in this Release

This release of SAM includes the following fixes and additions:

Version 6.1

New Additions:

  • AppInsight for Exchange has been implemented, which includes the following: f, h
    • Intelligent discovery and single-click configuration.
    • Database Availability Groups status checks.
    • Individual Mailbox Database Details views.
    • Mailbox database storage usage and performance.
    • Transaction log storage usage and backup status.
    • Mailboxes by size and percentage of quota used. m, n
    • Users by messages sent and received.
    • Individual user mailbox details views. b
  • Windows Scheduled Task Monitoring has been added.
  • Template editor integration with the Component Monitor Wizard.
  • SNMP Status which means ICMP is no longer required for a node's Up/Down status.
  • Web Services monitoring has be added, including:
    • SOAP monitor c, e, g
    • JSON/XML monitor j
  • Independent sustained thresholds has been added for Warning and Critical thresholds. This allows you to:
    • Ensure alerts and notifications are based on actionable events.
    • Visualize Warning and Critical thresholds on node chart resources.
  • Independent dynamic node thresholds which utilizes a moving baseline to provide: (Orion Core addition.)
    • Critical and Warning thresholds for node statistics.
    • Dynamic thresholds that are re-calculated based on historical trends.
  • Web-Based Report Scheduler has been incorporated into the web console which allows you to: (Orion Core addition.)
    • Email, print, or save reports on a scheduled basis.  
    • The desktop version of the Report Scheduler has been removed.
  • Enhanced CIM polling method of Hardware Health.
  • SAM integration with Virtualization Manager. (Orion Core addition.)
  • Support for SAM Application custom properties as alert variables. (Orion Core addition.) i, k
  • Custom Table and Custom Chart resources. (Orion Core addition.)
  • Drag and Drop resources. (Orion Core addition.)
  • Turn any view into a rotating NOC view optimized for large displays. (Orion Core addition.)
  • New SAM Templates Added:
    • Microsoft IIS SMTP Server
    • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012
    • Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012 (Management Server)
    • Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012 (Agent)
    • Exchange 2013 Client Access Role Services and Counters (Basic)
    • Exchange 2013 Client Access Role Counters (Advanced)
    • Websense Web Security
    • Microsoft DirectAccess 2008 R2
    • Microsoft DirectAccess 2012
    • Microsoft DirectAccess 2012 (Health with PowerShell)
    • Oracle Automatic Storage Management
    • SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor (WPM) Player
    • BizTalk Server 2010-2013 Message Box and Orchestrations Performance Counters
    • BizTalk Server 2010-2013 Host Throttling Performance Counters
    • BizTalk Server 2010-2013 Adapters Performance Counters
    • BizTalk Server 2010-2013 Availability Status


Don’t have SAM v6.1? Download it here >>

Fixed Issues:

  • An error on Hardware Health Charts on ESX Nodes has been fixed o, p
  • An issue where the SAM Summary page was not respecting view limitations has been fixed. q
  • A Script Execution timeout of 280000 ms has been fixed. r
  • An issue where the AppInsight for SQL Details page would not open has been fixed. s
  • Discoveries freezing at 99.85% has been fixed. t
  • An issue with the List Resources checkbox un-checking itself for AppInsight for SQL has been fixed. u, w
  • An issue where emails were slow to generate from within SAM has been fixed. v
  • AppInsight for SQL now supports databases over 2.3TB in size w
  • Script communication over SSH with the Solaris 11 template has been fixed. x, aa
  • Some performance counters were not found due to database names ending with blank spaces. This issue  has been fixed. y
  • The Asset Inventory' "System Information" field is now populated correctly. z
  • An Arithmetic Overflow error in AppInsight for SQL has been fixed. bb
  • A parameterized query that caused an error with AppInsight for SQL has been fixed. cc
  • An issue where components were not shown when editing a resource has been fixed. dd
  • An option to extend the timeout duration for the Most Expensive Queries resource in AppInsight for SQL has been implemented. This prevents a web-based report timeout. ee
  • An issue where NPM was not giving Windows Server 2012 R2 Interface Data has been fixed in SAM. ff
  • SAM resources now respect UTC time on the chart axis for web-based reports. gg
  • An issue in the Radius User Experience monitor when adding a node to a template and SAM showing a status of "Initial Poll in Progress" has been fixed. hh, kk
  • AppInsight for SQL is no longer misreporting the status of some SQL Agent jobs as running. ii, jj
  • An error while rendering resource with id 2640 and 2641 (Application resource view) has been fixed. ll

Don’t have SAM v6.1? Download it here >>

Table of Fixed SAM Issues

The following table provides the internal Development ID numbers and external support ID numbers for fixed SAM issues as well as new feature requests in this release. Search in the support ID number column for the number assigned to your support case.

Superscript Support ID number Development ID number
b 388231 176466
c 394688 182701
e 427136 212348
f 435515 215365
g 478760 245718
h 484479 249233
i 503473 265221
j 511442 265794
k 510742 267033
m 538326 283297
n 550837 294295
o 474439 244064
p 489139 255070
q 493563 255441
r 493784 265505
s 524852 274938
t 515910 276347
u 528363 280292
v 280302 529722
w 284412 535239
x 284899 539317
y 285447 541795
z 286053 541050
aa 287845 544748
bb 288767 544631
cc 289381 547302
dd 291263 546691
ee 291378 548019
ff 291408 547192
gg 294652 550748
hh 294729 549301
ii 296257 552541
jj 298836 558567
kk 303713 551552
ll 309516 573938

End-of-Life Announcements

In order to continue to drive innovation and new functionality into our products, SolarWinds® must transition customers from legacy versions of software to our current versions. Please review the below support schedule:


  • March 17, 2014: End-of-Life (EoL) announcement– Customers on SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor version 5.2 or older should begin transitioning to Server & Application Monitor version 6.1.

  • March 17, 2014: End-of-Engineering (EoE) – Service releases, bug fixes, workaround, and service packs for SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor version 5.0 or older will no longer actively be supported by SolarWinds.

  • March 17, 2014: End-of-Life– SolarWinds will no longer provide technical support for SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor version 5.0 or older.

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